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Singing alone in the car at night and getting the words wrong and other run-on thoughts.

Posted on: 7.23.2013

Tonight I was driving home from small group with music on shuffle (something I rarely do, because it enables my music ADD) and Amazing Grace, by Chris Tomlin came on.  I was basically singing my lungs out because it was dark and no one could see me well enough to make fun - not that that stops me in the daylight - when this part came on: "But God, who called me here below, shall be forever mine." And I almost always sing it like this "But God, who called me here alone, (oh, jeez, I did it again! When will I ever remember that it's 'below' not 'alone'-ugh! just move on!) shall be forever mine." Or some variation of that.

But I guess word-mixing blunders can also be moments of inspiration because then I started thinking about the alone-ness (I know that's not a word) that comes with being a human. You know? Yes, God gives us relationships that have profound meaning, indeed, loving others because Christ first loved and sacrificed himself for us is basically the point of life. But despite these relationships, I will still stand before God alone someday. We will have a one-on-one interaction, God and I. And there won't be any other relationship to hide behind.

It's one of those things that I know I've thought about before, but I guess the concept is just hitting me differently tonight. Because I just keep thinking...... wow.


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