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A little bit of life lately

Posted on: 4.03.2013

1. My adorable little fluff-ball. Skittles. All snuggled up next to me while I read.
2. A passageway at the Harvey House in Barstow, California. I'll blog about it sometime! 
3. Love the brick and turquoise combo. 
4. Wearing sweats and drinking coffee. Kinda my weekend mornings of choice these days.
5. Extreme nails. Go bold or go home, I always say. (not really... but it works in this case.)
6. A gift from my wonderful friend Caily. 

I was going to say how these capture what life has looked like lately - and they do, sort of. Here's a snapshot of what life looks like most often, though:  

But I can't complain. Life's pretty good these days. Even if it is a tad full... :)


  1. I've been waiting for a new post! Thanks for all the snapshots of how your life has been lately. It's nice to have a visual! :)

    Keep it up my friend!

    1. Well thanks! :-) And by the way I just got your card in the mail... LOVED IT.

  2. Great snapshots =) It is always so good to just soak up and enjoy the day to day moments that are life!


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