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Well Hello!

Posted on: 3.14.2013

Today was a beautiful taste of the beginning of spring. It was a warm 80 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze. And Today, for the first time in a while, I feel energized enough to put my thoughts into words for my (not forgotten) but slightly neglected blog. I was rather swept off my feet with a job a few weeks ago. I was overjoyed, relieved, daunted and excited all at once and I started work so quickly (ahem, the very day of my interview) that I didn’t have time to process the overhaul of my life that this new job would require. 

I feel like I am sort of emerging from the original wave of adjustment. It has been my pattern so far to come home from work, eat a bit of dinner, shower, and find myself in bed at an embarrassingly early hour. Daylight Savings time has actually been my friend this week because it means there is still some daylight left when I get home! Yay! 

So this is me, checking in and saying hello! {Hello!} I am looking forward to getting back to this thing that I love. 


  1. Hi Natalie! I hope work has been going well and that you're adjusting to a totally new schedule. I've missed your posts! :)

    1. Hi Kate! Thank you! I am adjusting well, and I'm very eager to learn how to "moonlight" as a blogger whereas before I was basically an all-day blogger! ;) Thank you for continuing to be a supportive blogger-friend while I've taken this break.


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