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Oh yeah, I'm human.

Posted on: 1.10.2013

It's not that I had an idea of being more than human, really, but sometimes I forget how little control I have over... anything.  Today was scheduled pretty much to the brim for me. A few things to take care of in the morning and then a nine hour drive up to Northern California, that was the plan. But then the weather report showed its unwelcome face: a huge storm rolled in and dumped buckets of snow right on the very mountain range I would need to drive through. My little commuter car is not exactly one that should be taking on a rampaging snow storm.  Not only that, but the wind was so terribly strong I actually had trouble standing still while I snapped the photo above. I spent the day {let's turn that "day" into "week" if you want the absolute truth} rather frustrated.  It seems like most my recent plans have been thwarted.  And it stings a little. 

But what is the significance of a day of thwarted plans in the scheme of life? Probably somewhere around microscopic. So this evening I'm trying to zoom out. To look at the bigger picture to the best of my ability. And remember how very, very blessed I am. 


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