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Beanie collage of awkwardness

Posted on: 11.30.2012

I have friends that post self portraits all the time. Like it's no big deal. So today, I wore a beanie (Again! I've been loving beanies recently. Ears stay warm, and only half my hair has to look presentable! It's a win-win situation.) and I decided to try my hand at the whole self-portrait thing. I'm pretty sure it was a colossal failure. I felt like an idiot making faces into my phone.... if I was a fly on the wall today, I would have busted a gut laughing so hard at the human fool. I'll let you know if I find any dead flies in my room in the next couple days. Poor little fellas. Anyway, here are the pictures in all their glory to bring some cheery-ness into an otherwise stormy evening here in the desert.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. (The first of December, wow!!)


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