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The war in my mind

Posted on: 6.23.2012

You know that inner-voice. The one that speaks incessantly, though its language is not always the same.  Sometimes that voice is soothing, calming, reassuring. It holds my emotions stable and sets my eyes on things above. It bandages the wounds of life with the healing salve of love.  But other times that voice is my harshest critic.  It berates and commands, destroys and mutilates any piece of security it can detect.  

The war in my mind is unlike any physical war because the same battle is fought over and over. Though the fight is the same, the outcomes can be vastly different.  The war that rages on is brutal, and sometimes I am just too worn out to fight it: those are the days the battle is lost.  The days when I seek strength from above are the days of triumph.  And thankfully, they are becoming more frequent. 

I’m digging out the deep root of insecurity in my life.

The fruit of that righteousness will be peace; its effect will be quietness and confidence forever.  – Isaiah 32:17


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