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November's Reading List and Educational Update

Posted on: 12.02.2010

November’s reading list is in a sorry state for I have not completed many of the books I started way back in October! {Frustration!} Instead, I read alternate material.  Before I introduce the two series’ that filled many hours this month, I must first explain that {in general} I spend a good deal of time in the home of my Aunt and Uncle.  And as they home school their youngest two daughters, I have been around during their school time.   This has influenced me to read literature from my youth! Now with that in mind, here is November’s reading list:

The Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder:
-Little House in the Big Woods
-Little House on the Prairie
-Farmer Boy
-Little House on Plumb Creek
-By the Shores of Silver Lake
-The Long Winter
-Little Town on the Prairie
-These Happy Golden Years
-The First Four Years

I grew up loving these books! I Think “These Happy Golden Years” was one of the first novels that I read {and liked} that included romance. ;-) It is interesting though, that I identified more with “Ma” in this reading of the first few novels. . . I suppose Ma wasn’t much older than I am now at the time of the series’ beginning. Crazy.

I’m also currently Reading Little House in Brookfield by Maria D. Wilkes which is based on Caroline Quiner {who grew up to be Laura’s “Ma.”}
The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis are also on the list.  I read the first couple books in the series when I was young, but I’m revisiting them now.  I’ve also been listening to Focus on the Family’s radio drama of the series on my trips down to So Cal.  {They are very well done!} I’m currently reading the fifth installment of the series “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.”  I’ve heard that C.S. Lewis didn’t intend to parallel the Bible through these novels, but I can’t believe how many similarities there are still.

And lastly, I have continued to read Billy Graham’s Autobiography entitled “Just As I am.”

Now, I will diverge from the topic of reading material and move on to another topic that is currently relevant in my life: education. As most of my friends and family know, I’ve taken an alternate route in pursuit of higher education. My first year experience was at a Small Christian University, {which I would still attend if it didn’t cost a fortune and a half!} my second year experience was at the local Jr. College, and now my third year I’m up in Chico. And due to numerous complications with CA budget, transferrable general education courses, and service area requirements I was not accepted to CSU Chico for this fall semester. However, I WAS accepted for this coming spring! {yay!}

Things are really starting to look up. I’ll most likely be able to graduate in 3 semesters, which is GREAT. I’ve worked so hard to be ahead that it would be difficult to bear a delayed graduation. From there, I’ll most likely go to a graduate school somewhere . . . studying who-knows-what. But, it’s okay. The realization of God’s plan is going to be awesome.


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