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Slap my hand away. . .

Posted on: 10.26.2010

Fall is definitely here. I’ve broken out the pea-coat and scarves, and my closet is bulging with all the old sweatshirts I’ve collected over the years. Yet, with this change in season I’ve contracted a case of the “Gimme’s.” Or, to put it bluntly, I’ve been materialistically minded. Everywhere I turn I’m confronted with a “great” deal on a pair of boots, a cute coat, a cap and suddenly what I own doesn’t seem to be enough. I’ve also been working with a personal trainer for a few months now, which is great for fitness, but not so great with temptation. I now see styles of clothing and think some of them might actually look NICE on me . . . and I therefore want to try them out.
When confronted with temptations like these, I’ll often think: “When I have a steady job, I’ll let myself splurge a little on them.” Just behind this thought is another one: “Would buying _________ (Insert: boots, scarves, coats, hats, jewelry etc. here) be fulfilling?” {And then a little “no” whispers back.}

And here we come to the heart of the matter. I hope you don’t mind a little play on words because the "heart" of the matter truly is the heart. It is so easy to fill my heart up with layers and layers of junk {in this case – fashion lust} that God gets pushed to the fringes. He faithfully stands in the background {because I’ve put Him there} and watches as I fill my head and heart with discontentment. . .

Until at last, I see it for what it is: {junk}, and I wonder. . . “HOW DID I LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN!?”


  1. Different "junk," same thoughts lately - how did I let this happen again?? Thanks for sharing these thoughts for me to ponder.


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