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One Down

Posted on: 10.15.2009

I turned in my first college application tonight. Wow, let me rephrase that. . . I turned in my first college application tonight as an upper-division transfer student. Woa, I guess time does fly! It's shocking to think that after this semester I will have completed half the necessary requirements for a B.A.
I've changed and grown in so many ways since high school. I hope this rate of change doesn't continue for the rest of life because I find it exhausting! (Well, it is exciting too.)
Oh, yes. . . my new major = Liberal Arts with a Literature emphasis.
Goal = credential in single subject instruction.
I think God has finally pushed me over the edge. Apparently He has decided that the ONE career I refused to embark upon is the one that is best. . . at least for now.
Nutrition is still in my interests though, I plan to pursue that subject for the rest of my life. :-)


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