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Posted on: 10.29.2009

I traveled up to Chico this last weekend to take a look at CSU Chico. I absolutely LOVE it up there and cannot wait to go back. :-) I would love to write more about it but I'm actually quite sick and don't have much energy for writing. Here is a short video I put together of my time there.


  1. I love it!
    I so wish I could've goe up with you. What an amazing experience we will ave there, and my, how special to be sharing it. I especially enjoyed your 'melancholy' post. short, succinct, and very heartfelt. I completely understand that feeling, hate it, desire to change it, and sometimes cannot. Thus, we've gotta be INTENTIONAL (something I've been thinking about a lot this semester), and live radically, as you pointed out in your other post.
    Crazy love. A crazy, undying, passionate, radical, intentional life of love, grace, beauty, goodness, truth, joy, art and creativity.
    I love you.


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