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Posted on: 5.09.2009

I've been such a slacker the last couple of weeks! I have not written one word, at least not physically. I write blogs in my head all the time but somehow they never materialize. This coming week is finals week and I'm dreading it like crazy. I just hate that feeling of never being as prepared as I should be. I never feel like I can study enough even though I spend hours and hours at it. I guess this is just part of college.
I've already started packing up and my room now looks like a hospital! It's way too white and cold. Sarah and I never realized how "lived-in" our stuff made it look but now that everything is off the walls it just seems so unfeeling. How sad is that!?
My mind has been full of lots of crazy things, most of which I can't write about at the moment. Prayer would be very much appreciated! I'll probably write again later when my brain is too full for studying. Until then. . .


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