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Oh the Joys

Posted on: 4.16.2009

Of working for “Pub-Safe”:

I’ve been working for on-campus Public Safety for eight months now and I’d say it is one of the best on-campus jobs. Dispatch is especially conducive for college students because we are allowed to do homework while on duty. We can also listen to music as long as it is set as a respectful volume. It also combines the duties of reception and emergency response, so I now feel a little bit more qualified to apply for other reception jobs off campus. It also operates 24-7/365 which can be a good thing AND a bad thing. Good because the hours are very flexible with class schedules, bad because it means that you can’t just close it down when no one is available to work over breaks.

Public safety also has its quirks. I don’t know if any other job would put me in a situation where I needed to turn down marriage proposals at 1:00 in the morning! Yes, that happened. I don’t know of any other job that would force me to put up with screaming girls attempting to do Chinese fire drills at the stop sign. (Which doesn’t really work) And finally I don’t know of any other Job that would force me to create my own script: “Okay sir, you’re going to want to go up to the second stop sign, take a left and follow that around this loop here until you get to the parking structure on your left. Then you can walk to ______. No it’s not a long walk. Yes, left at the second stop sign. . . .No problem. . . Have a nice day!” I could go on and on about specifics of this job, but I'll just say that over all working at pub-safe has been a blessing this year even though it has gotten me into some interesting situations.


  1. hahaha, oh natalie...I wish we could share more in our wonderful jobs, i miss our late night shifts...but I love my job too :)

  2. I don't know how many times I have said, "left at the second stop sign" this year...but I think I say it in my sleep!


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