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Weekend Madness

Posted on: 2.23.2009

Ah, where do I start!? This weekend was full of excitement.
  • We'll start with Friday. . . my last class was cancelled and so my weekend started at 10:30 am. I could get used to that in a HURRY! In the evening I went to the cheesecake factory with a small group of girls to celebrate Leslie's birthday. I ordered Chocolate brownie Sunday cheesecake and WOA it was rich!
  • I house sat for a family friend/Professor here at Point Loma. She has an AMAZING house! It's like a museum of modern art. . . that can be lived in. Totally awesome. Aurora spent the night with me so that I wouldn't freak out by myself and we made a giant cupcake! (There is a picture of it toward the end of the video in the previous post.)
  • Saturday included homework and a few trips from campus to the house and vice-versa. I got a LOT of exercise. It was great! In the evening I had a movie marathon with Sarah, Trisha, and Felisha. We watched: Juno, Forrest Gump, and We Are Marshall. . . those last two are SO SAD. My face was practically a balloon by the time I went to bed. It was sob city.
  • Sunday was full of homework and studies because midterms have arrived! oh boy.

Well for some reason I feel like I'm lacking skills in the communication department right now. It's probably because it is currently 1:53am and I don't think I'm functioning at maximum capacity! So I'm going to go watch Get Smart until my shift ends. I had some contemplations to share with the world today, but they seem to have abandoned me at the moment so I guess I'll just have to write them down later.


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. Especially the Cheesecake Factory part. Mmm. Hope your mid-terms are going (or went) well.


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