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Liar, Liar!

Posted on: 1.27.2009

If you'll recall, I DID write something about having more structured time for blogging. . . well. . . that only works when you make use of the time. Which I haven't. (That is a round-a-bout way of apologizing for not writing in forever.) So much has happened since the last post It'll be hard to catch you all up. In fact I'm a year older than I was last time I posted a blog. WOOOH 19!
Anyway, I'll have to put up pictures of my adventures in a later post (which probably means never) because I'm on the computer at work and don't have access to any photos to break up my monologue, or sonnet, or epistle, or whatever this is.

The introductions to new classes have ended and I am now in full throttle mode. My days consist of school, homework, school, homework, eat, sleep, school, home. . . well you get the picture. And I really should have put reading instead of "homework" because that is what all my homework is.

The January heat-wave is over and I have a little more peace of mind. Last week I was a little disturbed by my urges to go to the beach instead of reading.
I had planned on writing about my birthday adventures, but have decided against it. It will have to wait until I can give you some visuals to go along with the narrative.
Until then!


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