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Welcoming the holidays

Posted on: 11.30.2008

A family Christmas tradition: decorate, decorate, decorate, then enjoy the surroundings while drinking a glass of sparkling cider.

A Family Photo: minus 5 family members.
( My mom's side of the family)

Let the Holidays begin!! I have just come back home from a few days of Thanksgiving celebrations with my family. I’ll be heading back to school tomorrow morning. I am very much looking forward to the end of the semester, but I’m dreading the three weeks of work I still have to go through to get to it. The semester has gone so quickly! Yet, when I think of all the things I have learned and gone through I can hardly believe it has only been a semester.
This week I have had such a refreshing taste of tradition. I was able to spend time with many of the people who love me the most, know me the best, and who have guided me from infancy to womanhood. I see the impact family has made on my life. It is a blessing to have a strong (and LARGE) support system in my life.
I am so glad that it is once again the time of year when I can say:


  1. I love your photos and your reflections! I think you are a tremendous person and I love being your neighbor! :)


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