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Life at Point Loma

Posted on: 8.31.2008

It has been one week and 3 days since I moved down here to Point Loma. I've been so busy trying to get myself organized and doing homework that I have hardly been able to keep in touch with people.
I'm really enjoying everything!! I started my classes on Monday; I have New Testament History and religion, World Civilizations 2, Introduction to family and consumer sciences, Cell biology and Biochemistry, Masterpieces of World literature, and Fundamentals of food. They all require quite a bit of reading, so I have been learning a lot about prioritizing my time!
My room mate and I are getting along fabulously. We both love the Lord and Jane Austen, so that is a great foundation for friendship right there. :)
I also got an on campus job this week in the public safety department. I work as a dispatcher, which means that I answer phone calls concerning anything and everything. I also keep in touch with the on campus officers that are regularly patrolling the campus. So far I have really enjoyed it, so hopefully I will continue to like it.
This is my first update, and I hope to post stuff on here throughout the year.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow... sounds like Point Loma is a great blessing for you and I know you will be a great blessing to Point Loma.. May each day be a gift from the Lord as you walk out this great adventure... Uncle John Mac

  2. wow! Sounds like you're having a really busy blast! I'm havin alot of fun here at Tabor, and fortunately, my schedule isn't too bad! I have free time to just chill out. But since I've only just finished my second day of classes, it'll probably get harder. Funny that I'd talk to you before I spoke with Dri. Kk, love ya mucho, I hope he rest o your day goes awesome!


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