"I dwell in possibility" ~Emily Dickinson

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she thinks, He thinks

Posted on: 10.24.2012

Photo Credit: Felisha Cullum (my talented friend!)

life is worth little.
surrounded by many, seen by none.
travelling on a winding road, dense fog, unknown barriers rise to hinder.
companions, numerous at times, cannot walk the same path.
the way is solitary.

your life is valuable to me, I treasure you above all other creatures. {Matt. 6:26}
I see you, in all, for I created you. I know your heart, your desires, and your innermost thoughts. {Jer 17:10, Acts 15:8, Ps. 139}
trust in me, daughter. let me in. I will guide you through the fog, give sureness to your feet, carry you over barriers. {Pr.3:5-6, Ps. 119:105}
I am your constant companion.
you will never be alone. {Deut. 31:6}



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