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The Sunday Currently {Eight - The boring, pictureless edition.}

Posted on: 4.14.2013

I am so grateful for this link up that Lauren hosts. I feel like it has kept me slightly in touch with my writer-blogger-self in the midst of a rather new and busy time in my life. So, thanks Lauren! :-)
And without further ado, I'll dive right in...


Reading The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien  I have absolutely loved reading the Lord of the Rings series. (And yes! It's a series, not a trilogy. Each volume of the series includes two books. Who knew!?) He is such a gifted writer and I've been swept away by the adventurous feeling of being "in" an epic tale.
Writing I had hoped to write a few blog posts this weekend. I am thinking that it's not likely to happen now, with the lateness of the hour and my rapidly fading mind. So I guess, nothing other than this post.
Listening To the dishwasher running and various members of my family milling about the house.
Thinking About my class this evening. Tonight was my first class of "Financial Peace University" led by Dave Ramsay. I'm thinking through some of my strategy for implementing wise financial habits in my life.
Smelling Pinot Noir. In my glass. ;)
Wishing That I was a little more prepared for the week than I currently feel. It seems to be a consistent Sunday night experience these days.
Hoping That I don't get sick! My body has been trying to catch a cold for several days. I keep putting all sorts of Emergen-C, Airborne, and freshly squeezed juice blend concoctions into my body to fight it off. I will prevail!!!
Wearing Jeans, and a white sweater. Keepin' it simple, folks.
Loving my little high school small group. I began leading this group of high school ladies back in early September. It took us quite a while to bond, but now that we have, I find myself thinking of them often. They have such sweet, fun, and witty personalities!
Wanting This jasmine scent. I've been sorely missing the jasmine from my Chico home.
Needing To knock this sore throat in the teeth. (That doesn't even make sense.) And also to finish up my laundry. OH, the constancy of laundry. Just go away already.
Feeling Kind of nostalgic. . .sigh.
Clicking On some fascinating articles from this website. And on my linkedin account. In college they basically said that a linkedin account was a mandatory life requirement. "It's the resume of the future" and all that. I feel like the last thing I need is another social networking site to maintain. I don't know about you, but sometimes those things feel like big time-sucking chores.


  1. Love the Lord of the Rings series! Not as much as my husband, ha! But I read them a few years ago and I really enjoy them :)


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