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Road Trip Video

Posted on: 10.09.2009

Well, I have had this video in a state of partial completion for quite some time. It's been sitting on my computer just waiting for the pictures from my cousin's camera. But I have decided that awaiting their arrival is futile as my cousin is quite busy and I'm sure has completely forgotten that the pictures even exist! Therefore, this is a semi-complete timeline of our road trip through the Midwest. And as I was the photographer, there are many sections which were not recorded because I found it difficult to operate a camera and a motor vehicle simultaneously. I know that it is a rough cut video, and that it is probably very boring for most people as it includes many road sequences. (Hence the term "road-trip") But I hope it is still fun to watch. I ended up cutting quite a few portions of the original video because got to be fairly lengthy. Unfortunately, it is still long but I found it hard to condense 4,000 miles into 8 and 1/2 minutes! :-)

I hope everyone enjoys it!

Much love,


  1. WOOOOOOH!!!
    I LOOVE it!!!!! it was SOO much fun to see the pictures of the post-barclay part of the trip, too!
    All of the pics off of my computer went home with y'all. i don't have them...if you shall so desire to see them (because yes, contrary to popular belief, i did a lot of picture-taking, too)ask my family. I want to see them, too! :-)
    Thakns for makign this fun, fun video.
    heehee, I ahd forgotten about our food adventure in the dorm room. ooh my. :)
    Crystal hadn't! Teehee ;-)


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