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Posted on: 8.26.2009

I’m almost done with week-one of school. :-) I’ve wanted to post a blog almost every night this week but when I would sit down to write, words wouldn’t come to me. I have had a much harder time adjusting than I expected.
Even though I’ve known that I’d be attending VVC this semester, it has really “hit me” now that it’s a reality. The reason for me staying home seemed so logical to me before, but now I am constantly trying to rework my decision. Hindsight is always 20/20 right? Life certainly does not go according to plan. I think that should be the theme of my blog as it seems that every few blogs I post have something to do with plans and expectations!
It’s hard to put raw emotions into written form, especially when it’s on the internet. Basically here is the gist of my life for the past week: I attend VVC. I’d rather not. I have applied for many jobs, none have worked out. I feel kind of lonely. I’m a little on the angry/discontent side even though I know that God has me here for a reason. I’m slowly learning that God really needs to be enough. I need to rely on Him first and foremost. :-)

Wow, this is great therapy! Thanks for reading my venting post.
Much love!

P.S. after a quick edit of this post I realize that 10% (I did the math) of the words used include some form of the word “I.” Ugh, perhaps (I) should work on being a little less concerned about (my)self!


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