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Have you read Villette?

Posted on: 1.30.2013

In late November and early December of last year, I read the classic novel Villette by Charlotte Brontë.  I have read Jane Eyre a couple times in the past and was curious about Brontë’s other, less famous, novels.  I chose Villette because I read somewhere, though I can’t remember where, that the story is the most autobiographical of Brontë’s works.

Although I am happy to have finished the novel, I was rather disappointed with how difficult it was for me to connect with the protagonist, a young woman named Lucy Snowe.  Throughout the majority of the novel Lucy is around my current age and is embarking upon a completely new chapter of life.  Prior to reading the novel, I assumed I would connect with the story immediately!  I have been thinking, though, that perhaps the reason I could not connect with the story was that Lucy was presented as a young woman who seemed to be happy to be stagnant in her skill set, while I feel I am always curious and eager to add to mine!  Any passion or interest she may have felt inwardly was written about with a calm, distant reserve.  {Also, she fell in love with my least favorite character in the book…. that could have increased my distaste for her!}

I’m curious, have you read Villette? If so, what was your opinion?

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  1. I haven't, but I'm so intrigued! Did you like the book, even if you couldn't connect with Lucy?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    1. I did like the book overall. It had a very meandering and low-key tone so it's a great book if you only have a short time to read each day. I would still recommend it!
      It had a theme especially in the second half that explored some of the differences between the Catholic church and protestants which, considering what you've written about your education, you may find interesting! :)

    2. Absolutely! That subject fascinates me! :)


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